Thursday, June 01, 2006

Peas, Newsletters, and Dreams

It's newsletter crunch time at Hospice again! I'm taking the opportunity, as I set margins and fix typos and add clip art, to work on boundaries. The newsletter IS important to me, but the Art of Gardening is more important, Roxie more important still, and my mental health the MOST important. A hard lesson.

I've been having the strangest dreams during my four to five hours of sleep a night. I do a lot in them. Mostly eating. Or ordering food (after a long decision-making process), and then waking up before I get to eat it. It's all very disappointing.

My homework tonight is to draw a detailed vegetable, like a tomato or an apple. I think I'll rebel and draw a pea. They're all round, anyway.

A brief update:
Roxie walk status--fair.
Boundary at work status--fair.
Attending class status--VERY GOOD. (Hey, it's only been 2 days!)
Healthy eating status--very poor.
Homework status--incomplete.
Overall mental status--fair to good

Knitting is good for my psychological being. I think I'll finish up those booties. Maybe the pea drawing will help, too.

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