Saturday, June 03, 2006

"Dark Day"

I used to have these days in high school that I called "dark days" because my outlook was so dim to begin with and it only got dimmer as the day went on. Today was like that.

I have such good friends: Faries, Carlyn, Rebecca. Such a good church. Such a good, well, such a um, DOG.

A free Mary Kay pedicure today, so I have pretty toes and new flower flip flops. (If I had a camera, I'd take a picture...)

Roxie's weird bruise-pocket thing is still the same. I hope we don't have to put a drain in: $$$. At least it's not infected.

My day started with burying Nila. Which was like what burying a dog always is like. Then the day got better. We played with the darling puppies. Two are adopted! Yay! Cute Shiba Inu & Mini Schnauzer mixes (yes, it's very odd, if you know either breed). They have the funniest wirey hair. Now there's only Betony (Tony) and Raygun to be adopted. Raygun weighs 32 pounds already!!! He's a great guy, though. And Tony is so shy and yet really affectionate. Tony's the only picture I can find: They're finally all neutered so they can go as soon as they find someone to be their owner.

I really need to find a job that pays for me to play with dogs and tell the public about them...

(MY WEIGHT: 160 lbs. Oh God. I'm almost to where I was when I lost all that weight. I need to do something. Very badly.)

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