Friday, June 09, 2006

A Not-So-Dark Day


Tonight my friends and I went out to the restaurant/winery with Rebecca and her mom. Her mother treated us to all sorts of delights in honor of Rebecca's birthday--wine, fruit and cheese, dessert. Rebecca looked beautiful. The food was delicious, the company better, and the laughter flowing.

We meet at a nursery for class tomorrow. Should be fun.

I like all these artsy-fartsy things. I was born to be an aristocrat, but unfortunately the inheritance didn't follow.

My sister and her boyfriend should be engaged soon!!! Here's a picture of them, back at Christmas. I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM!!!


Mom said...

Notice the wonderful parallel structure of that opening paragraph. What a writer!

DAD said...

Just so's ya know that Mom's not the only one blinking at your blog! It's late and I'm working on the Last Homily and I needed a break. Enjoyed the read. You've got a great start on your blog. Hope tomorrow improves from not-so-dark to very-much-light!!! Back to the homilating...