Monday, June 12, 2006

A Long Day and No Place To Lay My Weary Head

I don't have a pillow to sleep on this evening. The dog ate mine. 17 pillows down. And I need to rewind a BUNCH of yarn. She wreaked total havoc while I was at Rebecca's birthday party. TOTAL HAVOC. My house looks like it imploded.

And she ate a TEA BAG. Why? Why eat a tea bag? That can't have tasted good. That is MAJOR boredom.

I need to NEVER leave my house in a hurry. I need to always spend lots of time with Roxie. Every day.

Zach's blanket is steadily growing! I'm on the SECOND stripe!!! (Luckily it was in the front house and didn't get eaten.)

Cat update: Still happy, eating a lot. A few people at church today thought that they might be able to help find her a home. Yay! I knew I wasn't being totally silly. Carlyn is majorly helping with her...she's such a good roomie! May have cat pictures tomorrow.

Here's a sign that I made a couple weeks ago for Faries and her cute little rat terrier, Otis:

(The blurriness is the bad photographer (me) and not the painting...)

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