Sunday, September 09, 2007


I finished my first crocheted object this morning (up to this point, it's just been embellishments)!

I'm sorry it's so blurry, but it was very very hard to photograph. It's very small, maybe a couple of inches from cap to jawbone... Yes, it's a skull. Why not? I'm calling him Yorick (cliche, yes, but fun nevertheless).

If you want to make one, go here, where the creator posted her pattern. Hers looks way better than mine. And the photo is not blurry. Here is one spinning in 3D. I really like the giant skull crocheted out of nautical rope on the right, too.

(And coming soon, very soon.... socks!)

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Annie said...

That is brilliant! Really nice work, I can't believe it's the first thing you've crocheted.