Saturday, October 27, 2007


Whew! All night and all day and everything fits snugly in my little backhouse, including the dog. She's zonked out on the couch at my feet (the visit from her aunt-dog while my family helped me move proved a bit exhausting for her; it's hard to entertain that long AND chase squirrels AND make sure the people in the ally know there's a dog guarding the place).

Now, I'm unpacking and have come across the yarn box. Very tempted to start a new project. Someone tell me no. Someone tell me just to content myself with the house. That's got to be project enough.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Passing OVER The Knit

I have been a bit bad lately on many many levels:

1) I GOT SOCKS!!! Fabulous, fabulous socks. A long long time ago.
My first Sockapalooza pal couldn't make it, so I got a "sock savior"! She was fabulous. Just look:

All kinds of goodies! And all purple! I got some StitchKeepers (I've never seen these before, and I am very excited), a book for keeping my sock "Knit Notes" in, Soak for handwashing, a keychain sock blocker sock (How very cool!!! Now, something to do with all of that scrap sock yarn I've been saving--keychain socks!), fancy yummy chocolate, and a 110 gram skein of absolutely purple "florentine" colinette sock yarn (never used this before either)! All of this, for me! I was on the phone with a non-yarn friend when the package came, and I think I may have made him deaf with my exclamations.

MY socks are the Baudelair pattern from knitty, a pattern I've drooled over lots but never cast on for. And they are made out of KOIGU! They are really wonderful, and I feel so special every time I put them on. I can't thank Jenny enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

2) I haven't finished anything except, well, for ONE sock. It will have a mate soon! I'll post pictures when they are both done.

3) I forgot my camera when I went to Lubbock's "Knit Out" this Saturday, but I won a beautiful handknit sweater and got some yummy Japanese boucle that will become a scarf for someone this Christmas. The knit out was lots of fun, and I had a great time hangin' out with some of the people from Shaggy Sheep. However, the discussion turned toward their in-stock yarn and I am afraid I am in grave danger of spending more money. I am SO excited that Lubbock's fiber community is growing.

4) My life is in disarray. I am moving. The yarn isn't packed. I think I'm in denial.

Well, enough confessions for now. More soon.

I will post, I will post, I will post!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pass the Knit Along!

This weekend I got to spend time teaching my mom to knit.

How cool, to pass this gift on. How cool, to give it to my mom. She's knitting her first prayer shawl, and I hope she finds the peace that I do in knitting for someone else.

Way to knit, Mom!