Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some Wednesday Things (pre-knitting meeting)

I have the computer back! It's enough to make me giddy...

SO I mentioned yesterday that I cast on for the petunia tote last week: (It's quite a bit farther now)

I plan to work on the socks tonight at the Prayer Shawl Ministry meeting.

My roommate came home last night with a huge set of beautiful pottery that she'd finished. She told me to come to the show in the kitchen and announced "I'm a badass." And she is. They are BEAUTIFUL. I'll ask her if I can post a picture or two.

Along those same lines, I would like to announce that I, too, am a badass:

I finished this painting of Gracie this morning. She's one of my friend's dogs, a two year old great dane. I love her, and I was honored to be trusted with this portrait. I'm really happy that I pulled it off. I still have to do her cocker-spaniel brother, Bailey.

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