Friday, March 16, 2007

No Camera

I am so angry at myself for forgetting my camera this week. I remembered it as I was turning onto the highway from my house. Oh well, I thought, surely my techno-savvy dad will let me use his, forgetting that the techno-savvy dad would take his fancy camera on the mission trip with him for Spring Break.

And so this weekend has been fulling of Kodak moments. The dear dog has been even more photogenic then usual. I long to take pictures of my brother's growing kittens. The rats, even, have been unusually cute. Sigh. ALWAYS.

And where was the video feature when my brother picked up the dog and she *ahem* expelled gas in his face? Surely that would have won us the $1,000 prize on America's Funniest Videos. Or when the cat took half of the skin off of my arm? Or when dear dog Roxie flipped completely around in the air and STILL managed to miss the tennis ball?

It seems that I record the silly mundane moments of life with my camera and neglect to bring it along when something is REALLY happening.

But I miss the camera the most because this week has been filled with knitting. I have made progress on almost every project and I am anxious, anxious to post pictures. (Let's not discuss the unfinished homework... I'm WORKING on it, okay?)

Suffice it to say that the socks are growing, the shawl is almost finished with the first skein (which reminds me: I need to go buy a second skein... so much for that "same dye lot" rule), and Abby's sweater is, well, I am about ready to move on with the self-pity now (see why with my post on the Red Sweater KAL page).

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