Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good News

There is nothing wrong with the computer, just the power cord. Whew!

I spent this evening at my friend's house. I unabashedly invited myself over, but I brought thin mints, so maybe I'll be forgiven.

I am so thankful for dogs today. I know I say this over and over and OVER again, but it is so true for me. Without them, I would be truly crazy. My friend has a great dane, and her joy in seeing me was enough to put me over the moon.

I am still happy about the kitchen, too. I'm on a new streak of dishwashing.(Yes, Mom, I do wash dishes every day, despite my shock at the suggestion...) And I've made my bed every day this week. So that's two down.

I spent most of my knitting time today untangling the mass of yarn that was created when I shoved my projects into my bag after Prayer Shawl group time last night. We were able to present two shawls to the founding members of our ministry. I wanted to cry. Knitting has been so important to me over the last few years. It has been a healing process. When I re-started knitting, I was in a bad place. Learning to think of others, to create things for others, helped me get out of myself. I often underestimate the meditative part of knitting. It's not purely about creating. There's all that time in between the casting on and the finished object. I am so thankful to those two women for sharing this yarn world with me, and our connection to the hundreds, thousands, of women who have passed their knowledge down over the years. The woman who began the ministry at our church said last night, "What I didn't realize is how much I would enjoy the fellowship and how important our time together would be." I agree. I care so much for our intergenerational group... I love them all. Knitting wouldn't be the same if I couldn't meet (and bless and pray) with these women every week.

I also knitted for a bit on the "Seduction Sock," though I'm still not sure who/what I'm seducing with it. I've turned the first heel, and am busy closing up the gap so I can finish. The end is in sight! Then there's the second sock... But then I'll have my very own pair. It will be the first socks I made just for keeps.

Speaking of second socks, I think I'd better go try and at least get to the boring part on the broadripple socks. So, I'm off!

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