Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wristlets, Shrugs, Blankets, and... beautiful collarbones?

I have been at work these last two weeks, but (here's the usual gripe) the camera isn't working again. It eats through batteries like I knit through sock yarn, and I can't photograph. It makes me very sad to post progress without pictures, but I miss writing, so I will.

I made Knitty's Perdita in the Bluebell variation yesterday, though. I used what I had, tan cotton crochet thread, instead of embroidery floss and made crocheted buttons to close it. I'm proud of myself - my first beaded project (and first successful crochet)! Plus, now I can wear it with my scrubs and not just be blase every day... I finally made myself something, too (also a first). I do plan to make several more in all three variations, though, and distribute them amongst friends. :-)

And I FINALLY got the package in the mail and received by my friend that I mentioned over a month ago. Here's what was inside, as modeled by its recipient (her camera WORKS):
(from the front)

(and from the side/back)

The back is folded under a bit, but you get the idea. It is "Shrug It Off," a pattern written by Carlyn at the LYS. Pretty easy knitting, but it wasn't mindless - I kept having to rip back because my yarn-overs didn't line up. I felt so silly. It is beautiful, though, even if a bit big on my friend. (Doesn't she have beautiful collar bones? I've never noticed, but with her head cropped off that way, the collarbones are fabulous! How do you complement someone on their collar bones?) Anyhow, I'm glad she liked it. She's away for the summer and I miss her dearly.

Perhaps soon I will be able to post more pictures of the bracelets and everything. I've been inspired by the little bit of crocheting that I've done, and I remember the joy I used to get (and still do) when we open up my mother's Christmas ornament box and find the delicately crocheted snowflake ornaments that someone made for her. They are so beautiful, and I was always so taken aback by the fact that someone made them. No one in my family crocheted or knitted (I'm changing this--hang in there Mom, you'll get it!). I want to make those ornaments, too, and send them to friends every year in Christmas cards. I've been searching for a pattern on-line and I found THIS. WOW!!! Every snowflake you could EVER want to create! So I'm off to explore the patterns, see if I can master crochet, and put in a few more rows on the baby blanket for one of my best friend's baby-boy-to-be-born, Milo. (The blanket is growing much slower than he is; keep praying with me that it'll be done by September!)

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Rebecca said...

aw, my collar bones are blushing... and the shawl is a BEAUTIFUL piece of knitwork.