Friday, June 01, 2007

A Fine Line

There are many fine lines, as we all know, many of which are encompassed in my life: the fine line between being completely insane and only being a bit off your rocker, the fine line between enjoying time with someone and obsessively calling them, the fine line between loving your dog and actually beginning to take on the qualities OF your dog...

It's that last one that's given me pause today. I see myself becoming more animalistic the longer I have a dog, the more time that we spend together. And then, today:

Roxie was sitting on the couch, on her butt, like a human. I begin to worry about scary Animal Farm tendencies arrising in our home. The cats have been friendlier than usual today, the rats more intent at breaking out of their aquarium with the assistance of their water bottle. And Roxie, sitting, looking at me like I am the dog.

(Note the knitting around her... the moment she picks up those needles I'm outta here.)

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