Sunday, June 11, 2006

Stray Cat

I am in the hole -- I have no money.

There was a stray cat on Austin's porch tonight. I tried to leave her. She wouldn't be left. She's beautiful, black and white long hair, has had kittens recently. She would NOT leave us or Austin's porch. She is only bones...

I was afraid that the cat would fall victim to blow-gun practice, as other cats on that porch have before.

So I took up donations ($8.50!) and took her home, where I had a cat carrier, cat food, and cat litter already from past strays and a house cat. She is residing in the bathroom. I haven't spent any of the money on her yet.

OH PLEASE someone reading this want a beautiful, sweet, YOUNG, female cat. I'll drive her anywhere. She probably just needs a good flea dip, a rabies shot, spaying, and lots of food and love.

I almost left her, truly, and I've left 3 cats this month, but this one WOULD NOT be left.

Mom, Dad, please don't be mad at me--neither one of you have a real cat... Want one?

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