Monday, June 05, 2006

Everything is Wilting, Including Me

Does death follow me? Is this why I work at a hospice? Is this why plants wilt when they see me coming?

My cable is dead for the second time in as many weeks. And my house is a pit, so I have to clean my house so that the cable guy can come. You know, it might be rather appalling for him to come in and see dead bugs. And what does that mean about a house when even the BUGS are dead?

The air-conditioning unit is dying, too. It keeps going off and then coming back on and then fading and then getting stronger. It's really hot in the house, but it's hotter outside, so...

Roxie is making a ruckus outside, and I don't care. OK, I do, but for personal, selfish reasons. Not because I care about the neighbors.

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