Thursday, June 29, 2006

Foot Hurts

I guess I really have to give in and go to the doctor about this silly footsie of mine.

I didn't have anything to do today but sit at home and knit! :-D It was WONDERFUL!!!

I made a really skinny long scarf out of red Sensations Bedazzle, some really cool yarn that I've had for a while, and I added about 8" on my black and fun fur thing. So, I worked on two things that don't have any recipients, and neglected the projects that people are WAITING for...

Today I want to be an Early Childhood Intervention teacher, like Penny is. And I wanted to be that since Thursday. A whole week of the same future! This is almost unheard of. We'll see where I go from here.

I need some serious motivation, FAST. Like, a swift kick in the butt or something. I feel like giving up. ONLY six months. ONLY six months. Then money.... Why aren't I motivated about all that?

If I want to do EDI, I have to take another 12 hours. But hey, then there might be something that I LIKE doing waiting for me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shannah...
I also went through some uncertainty about my future and career. Actually, I'm still uncertain about my career, but am proud to have graduated. :)
Don't worry... you'll make it, sweetie!
I also felt lack of motivation towards my future (especially when I broke up with my boyfriend once or twice)... I guess there's nothing that would work in that kind of situation as much as prayer.
And I know we're not the same religion, but we're NOT TOO FAR APART in religions, either. Afterall, we share a God. Along with Carlyn, who I'm glad also prays.
So, GOOD LUCK with figuring out your career and your future love life!

Oh, you know what?!? I heard a really good analogy about pain and joy! Someone told me that in Heaven, we all have CUPS/GLASSES. Each person's glass is as deep/big/round as the amount of suffering they endured on earth, and it is filled with joy- so you get more joy if you go through more suffering! So a 2 year old might have a tiny cup, and a person with a broken heart might have a huge cup, and both will have complete joy in Heaven.

OK, OK, you're probably wondering what this has to do with anything. Well, you know the song, that has a phrase about bringing heaven on earth- well your future big-relationship, would show you a little bit of Heaven on earth, and to you, a person with a broken heart, and a deep glass to fill, that would be more joy!

So, be happy that you will receive more joy than someone without a broken heart! :)

Talk to ya later!