Friday, June 02, 2006

Thoughts on Strangenesses

Well I'm exhausted. But the first week of school is over! And the newsletter at work is almost finished (another week before we get the published 11,000 puppies and a week after than until the GIANT mail-out, but still...)--it looks pretty darn good, too. Lots of improvements this time.

I stopped by Starbucks this morning and picked up an application for a job--at this point ANY job will do, especially one that could complement Hospice at nights. The funny thing about Starbucks is that there was a guy there that I kinda dated a little bit. It's always strange to run into people out of context, and stranger to think of working with them in a different context altogether.

I spent a happy morning in class today drawing leaves. I'm going to make a flower garden in the bed in front of our house, I think. I was impressed with myself and how many plants I knew and what I knew about them. When did I learn that Central Park was a garden? Or how to identify Silverleaf Nightshade and Verbena? Or that tomatoes, too, were a Nightshade? I guess I absorbed a lot through my little farm living. Class has been at Lubbock Lake Landmark, and that's an interesting place. I wonder what people 100 years ago would have thought if they knew that we would be trying to RESTORE the prairie lands to their original shape -- the "gardeners" of this site are pulling OUT mesquite trees and planting prairie grasses and flowers. It's odd that there have to be "gardeners" to return a place to its natural shape. Odd what we've done to the earth. Lubbock Lake Landmark is the oldest continuously inhabited place in North America. Odd, too, that Lubbock would be the oldest place here. Who EVER wanted to live here? I feel connected to GENERATIONS of young adults now...

I'm off to SLEEP If I have to sleep for 12 hours starting at 8:00, I WILL. Tomorrow is a long day, too. I'm working on the newsletter all weekend.

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