Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some Notes For Today

I made this logo (it will change and get better) for our new University/Youth hot spot upstairs at church: "The Parking Lot." We're starting work on it, and it's going to be GREAT, a place to come do homework, hang out between classes, and drink coffee. We're redoing the whole room. My contribution is going to be a logo and some signs... ;-)

At work, we got permission to make our full-color newsletter that I've worked so hard on. And I'm becoming a BULK MAIL expert. I've read the USPS's book pretty thoroughly... This has to be useful for something.

She made a break for it around 10:00 tonight, somehow getting out of the bathroom and out of the door and hiding under a chair while Roxie barked bloody murder. Caught! She didn't really want to run away anyhow. I'm calling some animal groups tomorrow since there's no bite on a home for her and she has to be gone before I go help Dad and Shirley and Zach move in this weekend. I am not attaching myself to her. She has no name. We are spending NO BONDING TIME together. 5 minutes, to get food, that's all.

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