Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer School Has Started

(Darth Vader theme)
Well, "The Art of Gardening" sounds like fun--lots of illustration and painting and drawing and stuff... but I have to start a garden! I'm going to kill everything, I just know it. "Art Appreciation" sounds, well, like a class for someone who has NEVER had art. Perhaps I'll have an easy time in that class. We'll see...
I made chocolate chip croissants today! Mm. I can just feel myself getting fatter.
My goal this summer is to start getting up early and walk Roxie. I've been reading Cesar Millan's book, and I'm going to try out his theories: Exercise, Discipline, THEN affection, and NOSE, Eyes, Ears. She will be a dog and not a human yet!
I have a NOSE myself on a new job. One of the veterinarian offices is hiring untrained vet techs...sounds like fun...sounds like wearing scrubs every day...sounds like a NOSE RING! (Sniff, sniff. I miss it.) Well, I'm trying to brace myself for yet another disappointment.
I'm about to head out to the library to see if they have my art book. Maybe I can read it there and save $68.


Priska said...

I love your pictures. This is a new medium for me, blogging, so I'm not sure how to do it. Priska

Mom said...

Hi Shanny,
Glad your classes have started well --
I saw the Dog Whisperer on PBS earlier this week.
Hope the library and art book bit works out!!!!!!!!!!
Much, much love,