Sunday, November 12, 2006

Spoiled by Yarn

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these expensive Japanese yarns!!! I had bought two skeins of Diakeito on-sale at the snobby yarn store a while back when funds were plentiful (well, if not plentiful, they were at least THERE), and then I got two more free skeins at the knit out. They are such beautiful colors, and I can really tell a difference in quality. I want to knit with them always.

Also, I'd like to try some direct-from-the-sheep yarns.

I want to learn, eventually, how to go from the sheep to the spinning to the dying to the knitting. What a feeling--to have produced the object from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, there are funding and time constraints. Oh to have a job at the snobby yarn store!

I am enjoying pretending that I can afford these yarns at the moment, though, and some people are going to have really nice Christmas gifts, if I can bear to part with them.

BTW, I am DONE with the Feather and Fan pattern when I finish this scarf. It will be time to move on.