Monday, November 13, 2006

Little Cable

I now have my first knitted cable going! It's so tiny and cute--a skinny scarf perhaps? A belt? I'm feeling like a beginning knitter... the first thing I ever made was a bookmark. I'll put up pictures when I find someone with a camera.

I've been making something of myself by knitting during lunch at school. Now, I know this is strange. But Christmas is so close! I have so many THINGS to make! One of the teachers has asked me to teach her how to knit, though. How cool! My strangeness is spreading!

My computer narrowly avoided disaster yesterday when the dobersaurus crashed it off the shelf. The power cord bent, but I can still shove it into the computer. Doubtless I'm damaging something delicate inside, but my solution works and it's free, so... I'll keep blogging.

I have a novel due in two weeks. MUST STOP PROCRASTINATING. Doesn't two weeks seem far enough under the wire to keep me up at nights? Nah, nothing keeps ME up at nights. Except--there is this really cute little cable that I am working on. It's hot pink, and it's my first one, and...