Tuesday, November 21, 2006


As of tomorrow, I have exactly one month in which to:
1. Make projects for the family. This involves three scarves, one drawing, one poncho, one painting, and some cross-stitch.
2. Make projects for the friends. This includes seven somethings. Scarves? Promises?
3. Finish my novel. This means writing the rest and then re-writing.
4. Get a loan. So I can finish school. Maybe this one shouldn't be #4.

Well, the point is that I shouldn't be blogging. There are a billion OTHER things I should be doing with my hands. Like PACKING, since I leave tomorrow for the Thanksgiving Family Feast. But I just left Roxie at a friend's house so she can hang out with her dogs, and I'm feeling a little distraught about it...

To quote a good friend, "GUT UP."