Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Knitting Group Tonight

I love these women. I love how we sit in a circle together, and how we laugh. I love that women have been doing this for CENTURIES, together just like this. Or alone just like me at home. I feel connected that way. Centuries of prayer and thread and everything.

I just need to learn how to spin wool into yarn. I know how to feed and care for the sheep. (well, goats?) So I need to learn to shear, then card, then spin and color and then I will be able to make a sweater completely. I think that might be satisfying...

But it is satisfying, too, to sort through our shawls this evening and give this extra shawl to this person on our prayer list, to assign a shawl to be made for that person, to sit and find time to INTENTIONALLY care about someone particular. There's not much time for that now-a-days.

On an entirely different note: I'm reading Robinson Crusoe and its really racist. Hmmm....should this be a banned book? Of course I don't believe in banning books, especially this one, sometimes considered the "first novel." But it's tough. We'll see how it plays out...