Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And the Cat Came Back...

We thought she was a goner, but:

As Dad and I were moving today, the cat I tried to save and then got upset about because I didn't and was a bad animal lover, CAME BACK! She had on a pink flea collar. So she has a home! Or at least a people. She hung out in the back yard meowing at us all day, following us in and out of the back house, in and out of the alley, in and out of the gate. When we left, she was hanging out under the trampoline. I guess Roxie's absence made her come back for a little more loving.

I'm so glad that my interference didn't kill her, and I'd like to think, that, MAYBE, my interference has something to do with her plumpness and her pink flea collar. Hopefully.

Maybe good intententions aren't always bad.

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