Monday, August 06, 2007

Sheep Shoes!

Golly-gee I've been a BAD blogger!!!

Please forgive the long absence of posts oh web-rings and sock-swappers and those non-knitting friends who stop by occaisionally... you see I have been hard at work adjusting to the regular ol' 8-5 (or 7-4, as it is in my case) again and the knitting blog just... slipped by...

But not the knitting! Oh no, please forgive the last post. I have finished a couple of pairs of socks. I have made another stripe or two on Milo's baby blanket. And other creative pursuits have also born fruit. There's another dog painting on the cusp of being finished. I made my first stitch markers!

And, of course, there are NO pictures because the camera is being bitchy again. I think there must be some sort of short in it or something because a pair of new batteries only lasts the camera about a day before it decides that the world is just too big to take pictures of. I embarked on a picture-taking journey this evening, with a series of things to photograph, but I only got a few shots of one thing before the camera gave up.

And that one thing? Actually that one PAIR of things? Why, only the new shoes I bought yesterday... the new sheep shoes!

I was casually walking through the shoe store yesterday and heard an announcement about the huge sale they were having on Chuck Taylor's. Thinking about the two pairs of truly stinky sneakers I have at home, I went to look at this sale. And there they were--pink sheep! What was a (not-so) fashionable knitter to do? Why buy them, of course, at great discount!

And I am very proud of my little sheepies. Makes me feel like... buying more wool... (I guess this could potentially be a problem...)

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