Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've had this ol' knitting blog for two years now, and I have come to an end there for two reasons:

1) I am a lazy lazy knitter. I am appauled at fine gauge knits. I can do socks, oh yes, but an entire tunic on size 4s? There is a category in my knitter's journey entitled "Not in This Lifetime." Don't get me wrong. I appreciate, I value this kind of knitting. A whole garment knit on teeny weeny 0s drapes so beautifully and feels so wonderful, but me? I am a lazy, distracted woman, and I can go so far as to knit socks on any size, but a tunic, no. I think I might invest in a bunch of bulky, washable yarn and knit interesting dish cloths for everyone. (OK, maybe not this far, but...) So an entire blog about knitting doesn't work for me. I don't knit enough variety or detail. And sometimes, like lately, I don't knit enough.

2)I am starting over. My life has just been blessed to overflowing lately, and I am running with it -- starting everything anew. I have a new city, a new job, a new cell phone number; why not have a new blog? A fresh place to record these new adventures in my life!

So please: come one, come all, to my new life. It's well, ahem, "shantastic"!

And I'll continue to post all purely knitting related posts here, just for fun... :-)

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